Missing Prefixes

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Missing Prefix Letters on Australian Decimal Paper Banknotes

Not all letters of the alphabet were always used as Australian Paper Decimal Banknote Prefix letters.

There are no Australian Paper Decimal Banknotes with the first prefix letter of “I” or “O”.

There are no Australian Paper Decimal Banknotes with the second prefix letter of
“I”, “M”, “O” or “W”.

I contacted Mick Vort-Ronald regarding this matter and he replied that the prefix letters of I and O were not used because there was the possibility that they may be confused with numerals.

These letters were also omitted from the Star note replacement series.

He also advised that the letters M and W were originally omitted because they could become clogged up, but were used later in the $10 and $50 series due to a shortage of alternatives.

Z was originally only used for replacements (in star notes), but when star notes were discontinued the prefix letter Z was used in the $100 Australian Paper Decimal series.