r4 – Mc11 # 1923 Miller/Collins Ten Shilling Banknotes

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1923 Miller/Collins Ten Shilling Banknote

r4 1923 Miller/Collins Ten Shilling Banknotes

r4 1923 Miller/Collins Ten Shilling Banknotes

ObverseCoat of Arms & George V
ReverseGoulburn Weir
SignatoriesDenison Miller, Chairman of Directors, Note Issue Dept
Commonwealth Bank of Australia
James R. Collins, Secretary to the Treasury
Size180.34mm [width] 78.74mm [height]
CompositionPaper – 75 gsm
WatermarkLight basketweave around edges and ’10/–’ (twice) in centre
Dark ’Commonwealth’ above and ’Australia’ below centre
Serial NumbersPrefix of small A over numeral
A/0 000001 to A/23 032596

Notes :

This smaller note, designed and printed by Thomas S. Harrison, was introduced to improve production efficiency.  Six notes could be printed per sheet instead of the previous four.

Approximately 142,746,596 of the 1923–1933 ten shilling note were printed. Signatures on this issue were in  brown while on the following issues until 1933, the signatures were in black.

Auction Prices
2012 4190
2013272 775
2016 [272]275***
 ***Both advertised wrong