$20 Paper Banknotes

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Australian Twenty Dollar Banknotes

Australian Twenty Dollar Banknotes
Sir Charles Edward Kingsford Smith
Sir Charles Edward Kingsford Smith was born in Brisbane on the 9th of February 1897. He graduated from Sydney Technical College as an Electrical Engineer at age 16. He enrolled in the Australian Military Forces in 1915 firstly serving in the Middle East then in 1917, in France as a fighter pilot where he was awarded the Military Cross for gallantry in action. In 1929 Kingsford-Smith completed a round-the-world flight, and in 1934, he made the first west to east crossing of the Pacific.Sir Charles lost his life at sea when flying the Lady Southern Cross from England to Australia. He took off from Allahabad on the way to Singapore on the 6th of November 1935, and disappeared over the Indian Ocean the next day.
Australian Twenty Dollar Banknotes
Lawrence Hargrave
Lawrence Hargrave was born in Greenwich England on the 29th of January 1850. He came to Australia in 1872 and in 1878 he was appointed an assistant astronomical observer at Sydney Observatory. In 1884 and 1892 he experimented with monoplane models, and in 1889 he constructed a rotary airplane engine, driven by compressed air. In 1892 Hargrave discovered that a curved wing surface appeared to give a greater lift than a flat supporting surface.